Do you need to keep everyone happy? Are you struggling with the pressure to be perfect? Stop trying. You are already enough. God chose you and He loves you. This is his grace in your life—like one billion pieces of brilliant, bright glitter. For the next six weeks, let’s talk about what God’s sparkling grace looks like.

Shine: Sparkling with God's Love by Christina Hergenrader

    1. Shine Introduction Video

    1. Week One: Rise & Shine

    1. Week Two: Savior Shines Like Sequins

    1. Week 3: Less Bitter, More Glitter

    1. Week 4: Let it Glow!

    1. Week 5: Stars in Your Eyes & Jesus in Your Heart

Shine: Video Course

  • Free
  • 7 lessons
  • Do you worry all the pressure will crush you? Let’s talk about how to live differently—like a sparkling diamond, reflecting light to the world.

About This Course

This course will help you to...

  • Understand hard times & what you can do

  • Celebrate your unique story

  • Talk about where you belong

  • Learn you are the Generation of Generosity

  • Find peace in your relationships

  • Keep going, especially when it's hard


Chrisina Hergenrader

Author/ Speaker/ Teacher

Hi. I’m Christina. I grew up in Galveston and now live in Friendswood, Texas. I’m wife to Mike, and mom to Catie (18), Sam and Elisabeth (twins, both 16) and Nate (13). I’m the author of twelve books, including God Loves Moms; Starring Roles; Love Rules: A Study of the Ten Commandments; Family Trees & Olive Branches; and Shine: Reflecting God’s Love. I’m also the author of 5 fiction books. I have a passion for connecting women to their Savior and sharing practices to keep God’s people close to Him. I also serve as an Emotional Growth Coach for teens and love helping them discover their goals and strength. In my free time, I enjoy teaching theology to high school students, spending time at my family’s beach house, and walking my rescue greyhounds. Connect with me at